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"Working with BHD Company has been an excellent experience. They ensure your satisfaction with their hard work and attention to details. BHD Company was selected to perform the following landscaping work for Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union: Spring Clean-up, Mulch and Edging, Weekly Property Maintenance Visits, Pruning, Fall Clean–up and Installation of Spring annuals and Fall mums. The flowers that were installed looked great and really accented the property.  BHD has made the landscaping services at our Main Office a ‘no-brainer’ we never receive complains or requests for services to be performed. They do what they say they are going to do and the end result is a hard working team that does an excellent job. The level of communication and performance went above our expectations and the dependability and professionalism of the onsite team made them easy to work with. All of their employees have a positive attitude and have always been a pleasure to communicate with. They always go the extra mile and their attention to detail is greatly appreciated."
Brandy Clough- Jeanne D ’Arc Credit Union
"BHD is a very good contractor. They did a job for us at One Griffin Brook Drive in Methuen and we have only positive things to say about Justin and his crew. The work involved painting a class A two story glass atrium building. The crew were not only professional, they were able to meet the tight deadlines. They also were very accommodating to change orders and added scope of work. I will definitely use them again. Highly recommended!"
Jennie Tim, Property Manager, Farley White Management Lowell, MA
"Justin and BHD Company is a delight to work with. Justin made the experience of the overall renovation much easier for us and his workers are skilled, respectful and prompt to work. Initially I contracted BHD to repair the walls and ceilings as part of an electrical upgrade project that was taking place throughout the building but later I extended the job to paint a good portion of my unit. Justin is incredible accommodating and he tried to ameliorate the discomfort produced by the dust of the electrical job and moved the schedule to make it possible for us to move back home.  He and his crew clearly went the extra mile. I’m simply happy with the work they did and in fact he went back twice to touch up areas after the electrician finalized his work. I certainly would recommend BHD for their professionalism and care."
Blanca S.- Longview Condominiums
"The experience of working with BHD has been professional, honest and productive. We began using BHD for our plumbing riser replacement to dismantle kitchens and baths, open walls and then reinstall same after the plumbers completed their work.  BHD was responsive to the needs of the residents and quickly resolved any concerns or issues raised during the demolition or re-installation.  We plan to continue contracting with BHD for the annual riser work. BHD understands the need to control costs which is why they provide good service for a reasonable price.  This is just one of the many reasons working with BHD is mutually beneficial. BHD does a great job and always with a smile!"
Lidia Real C. Property Manager Thayer & Associates, Inc.
"As a General Contractor to BHD for the past two years, I’ve been very extremely pleased with the services BHD has provided, and their outstanding customer service. BHD was our landscaper and interior painter for a $1.5M residential project, exterior painter for renovations to several buildings at BentleyUniversity, and landscaper at the Museum of Fine Arts. In some circumstances I’ve had to call BHD on short notice; they juggled their scheduled to assist me promptly and help to wrap up projects that were dragging on. As a GC, this allowed me to finish the project quickly, saving money and improving my reputation with the client. On high visibility properties such as the Museum of Fine Arts and BentleyUniversity, BHD maintained- and often went beyond, the required level of professionalism and regulatory compliance, allowing the project to run smoothly without incident or complaint. There are always a lot of subcontractors for us to choose from, and BHD doesn’t get awarded every job they bid on for us, but they always take the time to fully understand and accurately price the work, and do their best to be competitive. Sometimes they are able to cost engineer the project with us to reduce scope and cost, and land them the project, which has worked out well for both of us. I look forward to a long term relationship between our two organizations."
Peter Guza- General Manager Knollmeyer Building Corp.
"We had our entire office building interior painted By BHD- 32,000 sq feet with multiple paint colors. Our experience in working with BHD was great from start to finish. We found them to be very thoughtful in helping us prepare for the major painting project in our building. Our project spanned a two week time frame and every night they cleaned up so well that we didn’t realize they were in the building. The painters were meticulous and precise with the painting. They were very pleasant and always willing to go the extra mile. We made many last minute changes and they were more than willing to accommodate all of our requests. In addition to the original scope of work we added several last minute touches to the original painting contract and the BHD crew went above and beyond to be accommodating to our requests. The building was fully operational while they did their work and yet…no one was interrupted. Overall, the result while working with BHD was an outstanding job- very considerate and professional."
Jennifer Borislow- Property Owner 1 Griffin Brook Methuen, MA.
"All aspects of working with BHD were extremely positive. BHD patched holes in plaster throughout our condo resulting from electrical rewiring (and previous wear and tear).  They then repainted all surfaces (ceilings, walls, shelves, trim and cabinets).   From the first meeting with Justin he was responsive to our individual needs and questions and able to inform us about the range of possibilities and options for the work we were pursuing.  Justin was proactive about communication throughout the process, keeping us updated on the work and also bringing our attention to issues and needs that we may not have considered.  The work itself was beautiful and the crew who did the work was professional, responsible and thorough with the painting and cleaning of the condo afterwards.  There were no complaints from surrounding neighbors about noise or mess.  I especially appreciated Justin’s responsiveness to questions we had about safety issues involved in being in an older building.  Throughout the process, BHD always made us feel that regulations and safety precautions were being followed, and, as the new residents of a co-op BHD had worked with in the past, he was able to move us through the process of getting approval for the work quickly."
Sarah S.- Longview Condominiums Cambridge MA
"We have worked with the BHD turnover crew for about 2 years or so now and our staff enjoys working with them very much.  The guys are polite and professional and they keep our staff informed as to their work progress. When we first contracted our turnovers to them, there were a few adjustments needed and the crew was cooperative and completed everything we asked for at no additional charge. They paint the inside of the kitchen cabinets, and clean all the appliances for every turn and I have never heard one complaint. Their turnover proposals are very reasonable, actually less than other contractors which of course are very helpful especially if the property has a tight budget. I would say to another potential customer that BHD goes the extra mile so give them a shot and you will not be disappointed."
Kathie Johnston- APT Management